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This repository is jupyter server for my personal use.

This one contain feature is many programing language kernel , IPython3 (python2.7.9), IJulia, IRkernel, IGo, IScala, Bash, Redis kernel, IJavascript.
Containts of python module are numpy, scipy, matplotlib, PIL, scikits.learn, scikit-image, pandas, Cython, numba, cvxopt, sympy.

Installation :

brew install docker boot2docker
boot2docker init
boot2docker up
# export boot2docker path
docker pull kota999/jupyter

Run by :

docker run -d -p $JUPYTER_PORT:8888 kota999/jupyter notebook

Go to:


JUPYTER_PORT is your setting for going to jupyter. DOCKER_HOST is ip address of your boot2docker-vm.

Docker Pull Command