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Docker Container for running apache on CentOS 6.7

The docker container is based on CentOS 6.7.
Apache v2.2.15 has been installed to support php v5.6

Installed PHP Packages

  • php
  • php-devel
  • php-mysql
  • php-common
  • php-mbstring
  • php-cli
  • php-pear
  • php-mcrypt
  • php-process
  • php-soap
  • php-gd
  • php-opcache
  • php-pdo
  • php-pear
  • php-pecl-apcu
  • php-pecl-memcache
  • php-tidy
  • php-xml
  • php-xmlrpc
    from remi-php56,remi

Docker Installation

Install Docker on your favourite distro and run the container

Customize apache conf files

Customize conf file before build Dockerfile
default virtual.conf is

    RewriteEngine On

    <Directory /var/www/html>
        AllowOverride All

Run Container

Run the below commands to run the container

docker pull kotamat/laravel

docker run --name <any_name> -e 'TIMEZONE=Asia/Tokyo' -d -p <host_http_port>:80 -p <host_https_port>:443 -v <path_of_website_files>:/var/www/html kotamat/laravel
Docker Pull Command