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Short Description
Create and deploy Elastic Beanstalk applications with Go.
Full Description

Elastic Beanstalk in GOlang!


  1. You can download the binary directly and use it
  2. You can download the docker images and use it (see at the very bottom for instructions)


Create Application

./bin/ebd create application -a <app-name>

Optional Args:

-r <aws-region>

Create Environment

./bin/ebd create environment -a <env_name> -e <env-name> -t <tier> -b <s3-bucket/s3-folder> -c <config-file> -l v1

Optional Args:

-r <aws-region>
-p <aws-profile>

Update Environment

./bin/ebd update environment -a <env_name> -e <env-name> -t <tier> -b <s3-bucket/s3-folder> -l v1

Optional Args:

-r <aws-region>
-p <aws-profile>

List Application

./bin/ebd list applications

Optional Args:

-r <aws-region>

Optional Args:

List Environments

./bin/ebd list environments

Optional Args:

-a <app-name>
-r <aws-region>

Delete Application

./bin/ebd delete application -a <app-name>

Optional Args:

-r <aws-region>

Delete Environment

./bin/ebd delete environment -a <app-name> -e <env-name> -t <worker>


Four things are required:

  1. the docker image
    docker pull kotowick/go-deploy:latest
  2. environment variables

    export APP_NAME='' # the Elastic Beanstalk Application Name
    export ENV_NAME='' # the Elastic Beanstalk environment Name
    export ENV_TIER='' # can either be (worker | webserver)
    export ENV_S3_BUCKET_LOCATION='{{bucket}}/{{app_name}}/{{versions}}' # example - S3 location to upload the version (.zip)
    export ENV_CONFIG_PATH='/tmp/vpc9838983.yml' # example - config settings for EB itself
    export ENV_LOCAL_FILE_PREFIX='/tmp' # can be anywhere, but has to match the VOLUME_PATH variable in the command to run the container
    export AWS_REGION=""
    export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=""
    export ENV_VERSION_LABEL="v1.0" # same name as the zip file

    These can either be set when running the container (using -e options), or by having a *.env file under the VOLUME_PATH. The container will source any *.env files located under ENV_LOCAL_FILE_PREFIX.

  3. EB config file (contains settings for the EB env itself.. such as VPC ID, subnets...)

  4. the version of the file you want deploy
    if the version is v1.0, then a .zip file must match that name under ENV_LOCAL_FILE_PREFIX (listed above)

The startup command for this container is go-deploy upsert, which creates resoursed if they don't exist, and updates them if they do exist.

Run the container

docker run -v /local/path/to/versions_folder:/tmp -e VOLUME_PATH="/tmp" -it kotowick/go-deploy:latest

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