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Run gitolite
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Host gitolite in a docker container.

Setup docker image

Method 1: Building

Copy the sources to your docker host and build the container:

# docker build --rm -t <username>/gitolite .

Method 2: Pull from Docker Hub

# docker pull


To run the container, binding to port 2200 on the host, and map local directory /tmp/repositories:

# mkdir -p /tmp/repositories
# chcon -Rt svirt_sandbox_file_t /tmp/repositories
# docker run --name git -d -p 2200:22 \
    -v /tmp/repositories:/home/git/repositories <username>/gitolite

If it is the first run, it needs to finish the setup by gitolite setup

# YOURNAME=yourname
# docker cp /tmp/${YOURNAME}.pub git:/tmp/${YOURNAME}.pub
# docker exec -u git git / /tmp/${YOURNAME}.pub

Basic Administration

Since non-standard port 2200 is used, we have to use full URL style for the repositories. To clone the admin repo:

# git clone ssh://git@localhost:2200/gitolite-admin

Please refer to gitolite for information.

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