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Simple OpenLDAP server with a user, a group and SSH to test it :)
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Simple OpenLDAP server with a user/group tree to demonstrate authentication against an LDAP.
Meant to be used together with another "ldap-client" container.
You can connect through SSH with ldapuser / ldaptest

Administer Base dc=floss,dc=cat:
cn=admin,dc=floss,dc=cat / password

Just launch it:

docker run -p 389:389 --name lpic2ldap -d kpeiruza/lpic2-ldap-server

Try to:

  • ssh ldapuser@$(docker inspect -f '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' lpic2ldap)
  • Manage users and groups with ldapadd/ldapmodify/ldapdelete. You have an example LDIF at tree.ldif
  • Integrate your system's auth with this LDAP server (pam_ldap and libnss_ldap) (remember to launch the container with -p 389:389)
  • ...
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