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Docker image which runs DB helpers on different ports.
MySQL is installed separately.
Oficial Docker repository.

What is included:

  • ubuntu (14.04)
  • phpMyAdmin (latest from apt-get)
  • phpPgAdmin (latest from apt-get)
  • sypex dumper (v2011)
  • apache (latest from apt-get)

What is not included:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

In order to backup with dumper in your local directory (not container folder)
you should set $DUMPERBACKUPFOLDER environment variable which holds path to
your local directory.

If you want set custom apache homepache you should set $OWNHOMEPAGE
environment variable.

Building the base image

To create the base image krasnobaev/dbhelpers, execute the following commands:

git clone
cd docker-dbhelpers
sudo make build

where make build means

docker build -t krasnobaev/dbhelpers .


mysql setup:

export MYSQL_ROOT_PASS=mysecretpassword
docker run -d --name some-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=$MYSQL_ROOT_PASS mysql

to check mysql root password:

docker run -it --rm --link some-mysql:mysql busybox printenv MYSQL_ENV_MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD

postgresql setup:

docker run -d --name some-postgres postgres

then you need to change default password:

docker run -it --rm --link some-postgres:postgres postgres sh -c 'exec psql -Upostgres -h "$POSTGRES_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR" -p "$POSTGRES_PORT_5432_TCP_PORT"'
\password postgres


Run image

System-wide setup

mkdir -p /var/dumper
echo export DUMPERBACKUPFOLDER=/var/dumper >> /etc/profile
sudo -E make run

which means

docker run -d --name dbhelpers                            \
    --link some-mysql:mysql --link some-postgres:postgres \
    -v $DUMPERBACKUPFOLDER:/usr/share/dumper/backup       \
    -p 80:80 -p 81:81 -p 82:82 -p 83:83                   \

also available commands:

sudo -E make runwithownhomepage
sudo make runbash

Default container ports

  • 80 - apache homepage
  • 81 - phpMyAdmin
  • 82 - sypex dumper
  • 83 - phpPgAdmin

To-Do list

  • expand makefile
  • add sedna helpers support
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