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Hawk Cluster Manager
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Manage containers using pacemaker, crmsh and the Hawk web interface.

NOTE: Highly experimental, networking issues with running cluster in containers not yet resolved.


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a year ago

Sorry, I should have made it clearer in the description: This is highly experimental and mainly intended to show off Hawk, not for actual production use. I have yet to come up with a good solution for networking when running the cluster in docker containers.

a year ago

I can initialize the cluster on the first node but then when I try to join from a second node it's unable to copy the ssh keys across as the keys are in the docker container and the container's ssh daemon isn't exposed.
I could expose it on a different port than the host sshd server but then it doesn't appear possible to specify a different ssh port when executing ha-cluster-join.
Am I missing something? How is this supposed to work?

a year ago

Hi sammcj, sorry for the late reply - seems I don't get any email notification here ;) Yes, that's the source repo! And yes, I did make the avatar myself, thanks for appreciating it! Hehe. :)

a year ago

Hey Krig, thanks for this.

Where abouts is the source repo for this - is it ?

Also, did you make your sweet pixel art avatar yourself or do you have a creator for them that you need to share with me? ;)