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This docker file is based on ubuntu:trusty, downloads tomcat directly from apache and uses oracle-java7 as JRE.

Build kripp/docker-tomcat7

You might want to adjust some configurations in the conf folder. These are then placed under /tomcat7/conf </br>
Build your image by simply running ''''''

Running the container

Tomcat User and Group

The container runs tomcat as user tomcat7 with uid 10500, group tomcat7 with gid 1600</br>
Make sure this maps to a valid user/group on your host when doing a bind mount by using the -v switch e.g. for webapps or logs


Bind to port 8080 on all interfaces

docker run -d --name MyTomcatContainer1 -v /myHostLogDir:/tomcat7/logs -v /myHostWebAppsDir:/tomcat7/webapps  -p 8080:8080 kripp/docker-tomcat7

Bind to port 8080 only to the localhost interface

docker run -d --name MyTomcatContainer1 -v /myHostLogDir:/tomcat7/logs -v /myHostWebAppsDir:/tomcat7/webapps  -p kripp/docker-tomcat7

Mini cheat sheet

List running containers

docker ps

Start container by name

docker start MyTomcatContainer1

Stop container by name

docker stop MyTomcatContainer1

Restart container by name

docker restart MyTomcatContainer1

List all contianers

docker ps -a

Enter running container (Req. docker version > 1.3)

docker exec -it MyTomcatContainer1 /bin/bash

Export Container (not an image)

docker export MyTomcatContainer1 /myHostBackupDIr/MyTomcatContainer_bku.tar

Show the layers of all images

sudo docker images --tree

.... anything else...

Using a data volume container

First pull the datacontainer image.

docker pull kripp/docker-tomcat7-datacontainer

Create the data container

docker create --name MyTomcatWebappDataContainer -i -t kripp/docker-tomcat7-datacontainer /bin/bash

Create an application container that mounts the volumes of our new datacontainer

docker create --name MyTomcatContainer1 --volumes-from MyTomcatWebappDataContainer -p 8080:8080 kripp/docker-tomcat7

you can now start it

docker start MyTomcatContainer1

....or directly run it

 docker run -d --name MyTomcatContainer1 --volumes-from MyTomcatWebappDataContainer -p 8080:8080 kripp/docker-tomcat7
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