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Simple Debian/Ubuntu Docker images with passwordless SSH access and a regular user
with sudo rights

Tags (and their corresponding official base images)


  • latest -> debian:latest
  • jessie -> debian:jessie
  • wheezy -> debian:wheezy
  • squeeze -> debian:squeeze


  • ubuntu -> ubuntu:latest
  • vivid -> ubuntu:vivid
  • utopic -> ubuntu:utopic
  • trusty -> ubuntu:trusty
  • precise -> ubuntu:precise


The images are built by Docker hub.
Each Debian release corresponds to a tag. To run an SSH daemon in a new Debian "wheezy"

docker run -d -p 2222:22 -e SSH_KEY="$(cat ~/.ssh/" krlmlr/debian-ssh:wheezy

This requires a public key in ~/.ssh/

Two users exist in the container: root (superuser) and docker (a regular user
with passwordless sudo). SSH access using your key will be allowed for both
root and docker users.
To connect to this container as root:

ssh -p 2222 root@localhost

To connect to this container as regular user:

ssh -p 2222 docker@localhost

Change 2222 to any local port number of your choice.


Each Debian release corresponds to a Git branch, the branches differ only by
the FROM element in the Dockerfile.

To create the image krlmlr/debian-ssh e.g. for Debian "jessie":

git checkout jessie
make build

Use make rebuild to pull the base image and rebuild without caching.


Execute make test to create a container and fetch all environment variables
via SSH. This requires an .ssh/ file in your home, it will be
passed to the container via the environment variable SSH_KEY and installed.
The Makefile is configured to run the container with the limited docker
account, this user is allowed to run sudo without requiring a password.
The SSH daemon will be always run with root access. The debug-* targets
can help troubleshooting any issues you might encounter.

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