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Spark base image
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This dockerfile is destined for research and development of machine learning technologies especially deep learning. It can be use with a mesos cluster.
spark-base image is aimed to use as a base image for other spark-based images


  • mesos cluster >= 0.28
  • latest docker image on all mesos slaves


Client mode

docker run -ti -u worker --net host kbokh/spark-base pyspark \
       --master mesos://zk://<zookeeperhost>:2181/mesos \
       --conf spark.mesos.executor.docker.image=kbokh/spark-base \
       --conf spark.mesos.mesosExecutor.cores=<num of cores> \
       --conf spark.mesos.coarse=false \
       --conf spark.mesos.executor.docker.volumes=/var/lib/mesos:/var/lib/mesos:rw

Cluster mode

TODO - Add cluster mode usage

Remote - marathon

TODO - Add marathon json
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