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PXE server in a Docker container serving memtest86+
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PXE server booting memtest86+ in a Docker container

This repo provides an example implementation of a PXE server (via dnsmasq) that boots memtest86+. The server runs as proxyDHCP (i.e. it can be used alongside an existing DHCP server).

Note: To get started quickly, it's recommended to run the container on the host network. It runs fine within a virtual machine as long as the vm's network is a bridged network (and no NAT). Currently, this container doesn't work in Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows.

For more details on this example, see:

Running the container

There are two easy ways to run this container.

  1. GitHub: Clone this repository and execute docker-compose up.
  2. Docker Hub: Put the docker-compose.yml from below in a directory and then execute docker-compose up.

Note: By default, the service provides PXE on network interface eth0. If you need/have a different interface, you'll need to put its name into the environment variable PXE_INTERFACE.

docker-compose.yml for Docker Hub

version: '2'
    image: skrysmanski/pxe-memtest
      - PXE_INTERFACE=eth0
      - "67:67/udp"
      - "69:69/udp"
      - "4011:4011/udp"
    network_mode: "host"

Extending this container

This container is primarily just an example to get one started with PXE. For a more customizable and powerful version, use the docker-ipxe-server repository instead.

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