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Dockerized Helix Versioning Engine, aka Perforce server
Full Description

This is an unofficial image for the Helix Versioning Engine, aka Perforce server, aka p4d

How to use this image

start a Perforce server instance

docker run --name personal-p4d -d ksenish/p4d

This image includes EXPOSE 1666 (the P4PORT port), which you will use to connect to the p4d using your favorite P4 client. You can export P4PORT in the environment, or pass it to your P4 client with -p flag.

You will be able to connect to the container using any P4 client, for example
p4 -p 1666 info

start with persistent storage

Since Perforce Server is a Helix Versioning Engine, you will most likely want to use it with persistent storage. To do that, start up your server with -v option, which will mount specified path to /data/perforce inside the container

docker run --name personal-p4d -v /path/to/mounted/dir:/data/perforce -d ksenish/p4d

Note: if the mounted directory (path/to/mounted/dir) already has Perforce data in it, the existing data will be reused inside the container. This is very useful in case if you have existing licenses, or want to start multiple containers on different host sharing the same data.

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