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Angular CLI image to create, manage and deploy Angular apps easily.
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Angular CLI

Angular CLI is a command line interface for Angular which makes easy to manage an Angular project.

See for more information.

Software versions

angular-cli: latest
node: 6.10.0
npm: 3.1.10

Create new containers "on-live"

I recommend you to add this line at the end of ~/.bashrc. This way, when ng command it's called, a new container will be created, it will execute the command specified and then it will be destroyed.

function ng() {
    docker run --rm -it -v "${PWD}":/home/app -p 4200:4200 -p 49153:49153 -u `id -u`:`id -g` janlop/angular-cli "ng $* && true"

This line creates a container which access to your current directory (make sure that you're in the root directory of your project when you call ng command), expose port 4200 (webpack port) and 49153 (live reload port). Files created inside the container are created using your current user, so you won't have permission issues after use the container. Finally, ng $* && true make the container respond to signals.

Be aware that you have to reload your shell to apply changes. This can be done executing command exec \bin\bash.


After you added above line to ~/.bashrc you can just type ng commands as if Angular CLI were installed in your computer. Some examples are:

Generate new project


Serve project via a development server

ng serve --host

Generate Components, Directives, Pipes and Services

ng g component my-new-component # Generates a new component
ng g directive my-new-directive # Generates a new directive
ng g pipe my-new-pipe # Generates a new pipe
ng g service my-new-service # Generates a new service

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