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  • BackupPC based on Ubuntu 14.04
  • Support for sending status mail using msmtp

How to use

Configure Mail

  • You can use environment variables MAILHOST and FROM to set the target
    mail relay host and mail "from" address, respectively.

Configure user credentials

  • change backuppc htaccess password in Dockerfile line 19 (or you may
    change it in the mapped configuration volume)

SSH Keys

If you use rsync based backup, an SSH key is generated for you.
You can configure any backup target to accept this key

Build and run the container

  • cd into the directory
  • run docker build
  • run the image docker run -d -P -v /<your-backup-folder>:/var/lib/backuppc -v /conf-dir:/etc/backuppc <image-id>

Volume Use

This image declares /var/lib/backuppc and /etc/backuppc as volumes.
You SHOULD map /var/lib/backuppc to a host volume (this will contain
your backups). You MAY map /etc/backuppc to a location to preserve
configuration if you re-create your docker container.

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