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Kubernetes Continues Integration hook.

It provides hook for docker hub or other build tools for auto update components in the Kubetnetes Cluster.

Install to kubernetes cluster.

kubectl create -f service.yaml
kubectl create -f controller.yaml

Check status and hook external IP.

kubect --namespace=cloudtrack get po
kubect --namespace=cloudtrack get svc

##Docker HUB web hook


##Start Manual update


##Tag Version Agreemnt

  • "latest" - update always(on every push).
  • NEW_TAG - will trigger update if OLD_TAG<NEW_TAG(compare as string)

Additional Information

  • Replication Controller may be updated by two different ways. Use annotation "" to set strategy.
    • "" - First scale down ReplicationController to 0 and after that scale up it to previous value.
    • "" - Make kubernetes rolling update.
    • default is ""
  • Pod will be deleted and new one created.

Current limitations

  • Only Pod and ReplicationController resources supported.
  • Now way set custom configuration for RollingUpdate
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