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AWS Elastic Beanstalk eb cli tools
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AWS CLI and AWS EB CLI tools


A container for running AWS aws CLI and AWS eb CLI tools

Running - in a CLI

To run the cli tools, use the cli command just like you normally would. The combination of -w and -v mounts your PWD into the container as the current working directory.

docker run -i -w /work -v $PWD:/work kulinski/aws-ebcli eb --version

docker run -i -w /work -v $PWD:/work kulinski/aws-ebcli aws --version

docker run -i -w /work -v $PWD:/work kulinski/aws-ebcli eb create test-app-${BUILD_NUMBER} 

docker run -i -w /work -v $PWD:/work kulinski/aws-ebcli aws ec2 describe-instances --region=us-east-1

To provide credentials, you have 2 options:

  1. Use -e to export all your AWS creds env vars
  2. Mount your ~/.aws directory to the docker container

Example with -e

docker run -i -w /work -v $PWD:/work -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=$AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=$AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY -e AWS_SESSION_TOKEN=$AWS_SESSION_TOKEN kulinski/aws-ebcli eb --version

Example with mounting ~/.aws

docker run -i -w /work -v $PWD:/work -v ~/.aws:/home/root/.aws kulinski/aws-ebcli eb status

Running - via a Jenkinsfile

Use in a Jenkinsfile with docker workflow plugin:

docker.image('kulinski/aws-ebcli').inside('-u root:root') {
          sh 'eb create test-app-${BUILD_NUMBER}'
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