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A webapplication for checklists. With tags, milestones and statistics to monitor your process.
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For the reason why even you should use them, read this extract explanation of why pilots use (and doctors should).

Simple GUI application that allows you to handle yaml-described checklists. A simple webapplication exposes the content and statistics to let you detect weak spots in your processes.

It has support for both tags and milestones :

  • tags will organise your templates and checklists. You use them to retrieve them and to group the statistics
  • milestones define a status in the process the checklist supports. You reach a milestone if all checks before that milestone are ok. Via the milestone, you can see which instances of the checklists reached a given state.

Next to checklists with actions, it also supports checklists with questions (where you want your user to think of some things and need the answers to be stored for later reference). You can freely combine actions and questions within a single checklist.


Current release : 0.11.4

Here you can find the Release notes for the different versions.


docker run -ti -p 8080:8080 --name checklist -v <your data dir>:/opt/checklist kullervo16/checklist:latest


You can find the documentation on the github project.

Some screenshots

The main GUI

A checklist with options

A checklist with questions

The overview of open and closed checklists

Some statistics

Selection via the tagcloud

Docker Pull Command