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Anime Calendar Sonarr Scheduler
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Aniping is a front-end for Sonarr <>_ which collects the current
season's airing shows from Anilist <>_ and makes it easy to
select and download whatever shows you want to see.

Check out the installation guide below to get started.


  • Uses Sonarr's login so you don't have to build a new account.
  • Automatically determines groups subtitling the show to select from.
  • Highlight shows to check out later, or add and remove shows from Sonarr.
  • Self-hosted, your data isn't stored in some random server somewhere.


Aniping is written in python using flask, but has a docker container for quick
setup. To setup the docker container and run, make sure you have docker installed
and just do this::

docker run -d -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro -v /etc/timezone:/etc/timezone:ro -v $LOCAL_CONFIG:/app/config -p 80:80 kuroshi/aniping

Change $LOCAL_CONFIG to a directory on your system where you will store the config
file. This will download and run the container for you, but it won't work yet!
Some basic configuration is necessary to get going, described below.

You can additionally add /app/static/images/cache for poster images and
/app/db for aniping's db as volumes in the above command.


Setup a config.yml in your configuration directory (by default aniping/config)
that looks like the following, changing your values as appropriate::

        URL: https://my.sonarr.url
        API_KEY: my-sonarr-api-key
        QUALITY_PROFILE: HD - 720p/1080p
        LIBRARY_PATH: /path/to/sonarrs/library
        CLIENT_ID: anilist_client_id
        CLIENT_SECRET: anilist_client_secret
        FILE: db/aniping.sqlite
        SCHEMA: schema.ddl
    BACK_END: Sonarr
    DATABASE: Sqlite
        - Rss
        - Anilist
    SECRET_KEY: this is a totally random string and can be whatever you want
    IMAGE_CACHE: static/images/cache

Change the values above with the appropriate items. Do not change the IMAGE_CACHE or the SQLITE->SCHEMA
values unless you know what you are doing!

For instructions on getting your sonarr API key, check the Sonarr docs <>, and for instructions on
getting your anilist client id and secret, check the Anilist docs <>

on the matter.

Finally, LIBRARY_PATH is the path that Sonarr uses to get to your library,
not aniping. Aniping has no real concept of your library, that's handled by


This project is still in it's early stages! There are a few things I'd like to do
still, such as:

  • Improve debug logging
  • Improve documentation with Sphinx and RTD, or maybe GH-Pages
  • Create a test framework (nose?) and implement a CI process using travis
  • Build more plugins for different services!

So if you want to help out, please do! If you find a bug or something, please go
ahead and make an issue, or if you want to jump in and make a PR, there's nothing
stopping you!

  • Issue Tracker: <>_
  • Source Code: <>_


If you are having issues, please let me know.
The best way to get support is by making an issue in github:


The project is licensed under the GNU LGPLv3 License.

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