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Short Description
Container that can run the [Effing Package Manager](
Full Description


This project is a simple Docker image that runs the FPM.
The container will allow you to create packages for the various Linux distributions without having to
worry about all the dependencies being properly installed.



Type docker-compose build to build the image. If you want a new version to be built on Docker Hub,
just snap a branch in GitHub and the branch name, eg 1.6.3 will be used as the Docker image tag.


Docker will automatically install the newly built image into the cache.

Tips and Tricks

Verifying The Image

docker-compose up will launch the image, verifying the image. The Docker Compose file is
configured to mount your current directory into the container.

Launching The Image

Run ./ and it will launch the container with the default command line argument of --version. You can
feed different arguments to script and execute arbitrary commands, eg. ./ --help.

Full Example

Here is a Bash script that creates an RPM from a the contents of a the tmp directory in the working directory.


CMD="docker run \
       --rm \
       --interactive \
       --tty \
       --name fpm \
       --network none \
       --user $(id -u $(whoami)):$(id -g $(whoami)) \
       --volume $(pwd):/pwd \
       kurron/docker-fpm:1.6.4 \
       --verbose \
       --license 'Apache 2.0' \
       --vendor 'E Corporation' \
       --category Fun \
       --architecture native \
       --maintainer '<>' \
       --description 'This package is blah blah blah blah' \
       --rpm-summary 'Wicked Cool Mega Fun Server' \
       --rpm-os linux \
       --url  \
       --input-type dir \
       --output-type rpm \
       --name tlo \
       --iteration MILESTONE \
       --version 1.2.3 \

echo eval $CMD
eval $CMD
rpm --query --package --info *.rpm
rpm --query --package --list *.rpm



This container has only been tested with creating RPMs. At some point, we'll probably add Debian support as well.

License and Credits

This project is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004.

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