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Dockerfile for cross compiling Golang application

This Dockerfile is available on Docker Hub


Some envs are available (Optional):

  • REPO: Git repository to download application source. In default, compiling sources in /root/app
  • TARGET: Target OSs and architectures. In default: linux/amd64,linux/386,linux/arm
  • BRANCH: Target branch. In default, checkout latest tagged commit.

Sources are pulled at running container and the binaries are generated in /root/out.

For example, binaries are build in host's /path/to/out below:

docker \
    run \
    -t \
    -i \
    --rm \
    -e "REPO=" \
    -v /path/to/out:/root/out:rw \
    -h build_goapp \
    kuruma/goapp-builder \
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