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Elasticsearch image with datas for following tutorial "How to dashboard with kuzzle and kibana"
Full Description

Kuzzle Elasticsearch Tutorial image

This container is built from Kuzzle Elasticsearch image with all datas and ready to use to follow the tutorial :
"How to create dashboard with kuzzle and kibana".

Some modifications are made :

  • All xpack plugins are disabled by default
  • jvm.options file is modified to remove the jvm heap size settings, thus allowing to set them with ES_JAVA_OPTS environment variable (default to 512m).

You can use this image in a docker-compose file :

    image: kuzzleio/es-tuto-kuzzle-kibana

Datas are articulate in this way :

    "_source": {
        "state": {
        "_kuzzle_info": {
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