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Why Kuzzle ?

Kuzzle is a ready-to-use, on-premises backend that enables you to manage your persistent data and be notified in real-time on whatever happens to it. It also provides you with a flexible and powerful user-management system.

Kuzzle enables you to build modern web applications and complex IoT networks in no time.

  • Persisted data: store your data and perform advanced searches on it.
  • Real-time notifications: subscribe to fine-grained subsets of data.
  • User Management: login, logout and security rules are no more a burden.
  • Extensible: fit Kuzzle to your needs by leveraging the plugin system.


Quick install

The easyest way to setup a kuzzle server for Linux-like systems without prerequisites is to download and run our installation script:

$ sudo bash -c "$(curl"

You can get detailed information about how to start kuzzle with docker on

Manual install

Check our complete installation guide on

Quick start with Kuzzle

Check the Getting started page on

NodeJS Sample

npm install kuzzle-sdk
    Kuzzle = require('kuzzle-sdk'),
    kuzzle = new Kuzzle('http://localhost:7512')

const filter = {
    exists: {
        field: 'message'

// Subscribe to data changes in an app
    .collection('mycollection', 'myindex')
    .subscribe(filter, function(error, result) {
        // triggered each time a document is updated !
        console.log('message received from kuzzle:', result)

// Creating a document from another app will notify all subscribers
    .collection('mycollection', 'myindex')

Usefull links

Contributing to Kuzzle

You're welcome to contribute to Kuzzle!
Feel free to report issues, ask for features or even make pull requests!

Check our contributing documentation to know about our coding and pull requests rules

Join our community

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Kuzzle in production

Kuzzle is production-proof, and provides all the business-critical features your need for your business, as
the scalability, the high-availability (multi-nodes), probes for BI & diagnostic tools.

Check out our support plans.


Kuzzle is published under Apache 2 License.

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