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Containerized IoT Protocol Gateway
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super simple and not yet reliable UDP-AzureIoTHuB cloud-gw (oapque)

Use Case 1:
An udp device sends a raw datagram to the GW that forwards to IoT Hub over AMQP.

The message can be anything you want and in the device simulator included in this repo you can type whatever you like at the command prompt.

Use Case 2:
An application requests to send a message to a device as a raw datagram via the GW.

How it works - Device Simulator

The device simulator will prepend the message with a random IMSI number (15 digits). The IMSI number is used as the device identifier. The udp datagram will be a buffer in the format < IMSI + PAYLOAD>.
Start as many copies as you like by typing node udp-device at the command prompt.

How it works - Gateway

The gateway is a cluster with as many worker nodes as there are CPUs in th ehost machine. start by just typing npm start at the command prompt.
The udp node will separate the IMSI number and create a JSON in the format {imsi: IMSI, payload: PAYLOAD}. It will send this to IoT Hub over multiplexed AMQP.

Both the GW and the IoT Hub are payload agnostic, and it is up to the application layer to parse the raw message.

urgents todo:

  • the imsi to IP address mapping is stored in the file system. this needs to be done seriously.
  • the c2d message should not be an API at GW level, the IoT HuB c2d structure should be used
  • proper logging
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