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Short Description
Configure external ip address on host for use with Kubernetes externalIP service
Full Description

Docker externalIP image

This docker image is assign specific IP-address on the host interface.

+-------------+    +-------------+    +-------------+
|    node1    |    |    node2    |    |    node3    |
+-------------+    +-------------+    +-------------+
[ ]----[ ]----[ ]
                                      [   ]   <----- additional IP, runned via container

This is mainly used for Kubernetes externalIP services.

You can run container with IP-address and it will be fully managed by kubenrnetes.
This is very useful if you have many IP-addresses and if you want to manage them like pods.

Container can be migrated to another host, and IP will be migrated too.


  • IPADDRESS - IP-address with prefix (example:
  • VLAN - VLAN number (example: 100)
  • DEVICE - Device for IP-address assigning (default: eth0)
  • DROP_INPUT - If true will create iptables rule (default: false)
  • GATEWAY - Add default gateway for this ip (example:
  • POD_NETWORK - Kubernetes pod network, needed for GATEWAY option (default:
  • VALID_LFS - IP valid lifetime in seconds parameter (default: 10)
  • REFFERRED_LFT - IP refferred lifetime in seconds patrameter (default: 7)
  • TIMEOUT - Timeout in seconds between each IP assigning (default:7)

Example Usage

# Download example deployment file

# Insert your values
vim ip-example.yaml

# Create ip address deployment
kubectl create -f ip-example.yaml

# We will create simple nginx service for example
kubectl run my-nginx --image=nginx --replicas=2 --port=80

# Expose nginx service with externalIP
kubectl expose deployment my-nginx --port=80 --type=LoadBalancer --external-ip=

Docker example

This command can be used for tests withot kubernetes environment:

docker run --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --net=host -e IPADDRESS= -e DEVICE=br0 -e VLAN=100 -e DROP_INPUT=true kvaps/external-ip
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