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iSCSI publisher for shared filesystem
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iSCSI SharedFS Publisher

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Runs as daemonset.

Periodically checks filesystem for newly created images and creates iSCSI targets
for local use only.

After that you can use built-in iSCSI driver in Kubernetes for connect your images into pods.

Your images should have .img extension


  • Check configuration variables in bellow

  • Use example yaml for deploy your own installation:

    curl -o iscsi-sharedfs-publisher.yaml -L
    vim iscsi-sharedfs-publisher.yaml
    kubectl apply -f iscsi-sharedfs-publisher.yaml

    In this example we are presume that your filesystem is mounted on /stor/sharedfs on every node


If you use kubernetes < 1.10 version, you need to enable mountPropagation in featuregates.

Configuration variables

  • DIRECTORY - Directory where publusher will check images (example: /stor/sharedfs/images)

    this directory should be also visible for tgtd daemon by same path

  • IQN - IQN name prefix for new targets (example:

  • TIMEOUT - Timeout between checks (default: 10)
  • LUN - LUN for the each new image (default: 1)
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