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Pangea - fully scriptable, Web UI controllable Microservices Infrastructure with services deployment and operating platform. It starts from a single Docker Container or Vagrant Box and deploys and configures all the Microservices stuff by itself.

This release uses CUSTOM Ambari-Server build from here

Useful links

Scenario A. MANTL deployment using Pangea UI or API

  • TBD

Scenario B. Discover deployed MANTL cluster using Pangea.

Deployment guide

Scenario C. Deploy Mesos/K8s cluster using Pangea without MANTL.

  • TBD

Service developer guide

Check documentation here


Overview - document contains detailed overview of Pangea with screenshots.

Key Technologies

Core Components

  • Ambari Server
  • Zookeeper
  • Mesos
  • Consul
  • Mesos-Consul bridge
  • Docker


  • Easy Microservices deployment. You can use scriptable simple deployment (one json → one .py script that will perform all the deployment using Ambari API). Or use UI to start up with simple deployment wizard.
  • Customizable microservices platforms (by now we’ve implemented Mesos and Kubernetes) with unified service discovery.
  • All the dependencies are programmed as a part of every stack. So Pangea will deal with that by itself.
  • Fully controllable: you can use Ambari Metrics Service or preconfigured ELK stack (Mesos platform only by now). You can start/stop/configure all the stuff along with getting alerts and states of every component.
  • You can change configs for deployed services via API or using Web UI and apply it host-by-host with rolling restart.
  • 15 minutes for BigData cluster deployment right out of the box (depending on target hardware or cloud platform – OpenStack / BareMetal).

Shot-term roadmap

  • [ ] Security on Edge and internal levels.
  • [ ] Some rework of current Frameworks to use SRV records and configurable autoscaling policies
  • [ ] Cosmetic reworks for UI.
  • [ ] New services, like MySQL, PostgreSQL. Basic goal is to implement most of popular Application Frameworks to run custom code on Pangea based clusters.
  • [ ] Ambari Server High Availability.
  • [ ] Integrated deployment and scaling other platforms (AWS, Google Cloud etc) with Terraform server
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