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Kyberna AG Tomcat Docker image

  • Based on the official tomcat Images.
  • Added SSH Client.
  • Changed ENVs to run with mounted Data / Apps


  • drop a .war file to the deploy directory


  • /data: default data directory
  • /conf: default application config directory
  • /deploy: deploy folder were the .war file needs to be placed
  • /tlib: libs copied to tomcat dir
  • /tconf: configuration files from tomcat/conf


  • XMX: Max Memory -> default: 2G
  • LICENSE: Path to license file -> default: /conf/license.lic
  • DATA: data directory -> default: /data
  • CONF: application config directory -> default: /conf
  • PROPERTIES_PROFILES: default: not set
  • RMI_HOSTNAME: default: not set

  • DISABLE_DEFAULT_DEPLOY: to disable default deployment set to 'true' -> default: not set
  • ADDITIONAL_SCRIPT: additional script to be executet befor start -> default: not set

  • JMX_PORT: for debuging -> default: not set

Old Part

  • catalina_opts can be changed in [hostDir]/node/
  • drop a .war file to [hostDir]/deploy, this will be deployed on next container restart.

To run it with host dir's mounted:

docker run -itd -p 8080:8080 \
    -v hostDir/node:/node \
    -v hostDir/data:/data \
    -v hostDir/deploy:/deploy \
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