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🔁 Syncthing Relay to help Syncthing clients when they can't communicate directly
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Syncthing Relay Docker Image


Syncthing Relay to help Syncthing clients relay data when they can't communicate directly due to things like NAT routers and firewalls blocking inbound TCP connections.

More detailed description on my blog.

Extensively tested on Digital Ocean $5/mo node

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Quick Start

Just run:

docker run --rm -p 22067:22067 -p 22070:22070 kylemanna/syncthing-relay

Verify your server shows up at

Using Systemd to Auto Start the Docker Container

Here's the quick start guide for setting up a systemd service that will listen on the defualt ports and start at boot time. It will also attempt to pull down image updates each time the service starts and automatically restart after 10 seconds if the process exits. This Docker container preserves no state across starts.

cd /etc/systemd/system
sudo curl -O
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable --now docker-syncthing-relay.service
sudo systemctl status docker-syncthing-relay.service
Docker Pull Command