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Tahoe-LAFS in a Docker Container

Simple Tahoe LAFS storage node with OpenVPN for NAT traversal.

Tested on Vultr's $5/mo single CPU/512 MB RAM/160 GB storage node.

Setup a Grid using OpenVPN to bypass NAT

  1. Setup a Tahoe-LAFS OpenVPN server. I recommend looking at kylemanna/openvpn trusted build.
  2. Generate a certificate for each Tahoe-LAFS client.
  3. Create an empty directory (used to store persistent data) and initialize Tahoe-LAFS:

     mkdir storage0 && cd storage0
     docker run -v $PWD:/tahoe --rm -it kylemanna/tahoe-lafs tahoe create-node

    Expected Output:

     Node created in '/.tahoe'
      Please set [client]introducer.furl= in tahoe.cfg!
      The node cannot connect to a grid without it.
      Please set [node]nickname= in tahoe.cfg
  4. Configure Tahoe-LAFS. At minimum set introducer.furl and name. Refer to Tahoe-LAFS documentation.

     vim tahoe.cfg
  5. Install the OpenVPN client configuration file in this directory so it can be
    picked up the OpenVPN service that will run in the container, default name is
    openvpn.conf. If using kylemanna/openvpn, this would be the output of the
    ovpn_getclient command.

  6. Optionally lock down permissions a bit tighter:

     sudo chown root:root *
     sudo chmod 400 openvpn.conf tahoe.cfg

    Expected permissions:

     -r-------- 1 root root 8588 Jul  8 23:03 openvpn.conf
     drwx------ 2 root root 4096 Jul  8 22:59 private
     -r-------- 1 root root 1298 Jul  8 22:59 tahoe.cfg
     -rw-r--r-- 1 root root  291 Jul  8 22:59 tahoe-client.tac
  7. Test Tahoe-LAFS and OpenVPN by running it in blocking + interactive mode, logs should appear:

     docker run -v $PWD:/tahoe --rm -it --cap-add=NET_ADMIN kylemanna/tahoe-lafs
  8. Optionally install an upstart script to automatically start the container on Ubuntu by using upstart.init, be sure to update the path to update the path for the volume share (-v) from above and stop the previously running container:

     curl | sudo tee /etc/init/docker-tahoe.conf
     sudo vim /etc/init/docker-tahoe.conf
     start docker-tahoe

Quickstart for Ephermal Tahoe-LAFS Grid

  1. Start the docker introducer node, copy the introducer FURL (form: "pb://nodeid@,")

     mkdir introducer0 && cd introducer0
     docker run -v $PWD:/tahoe --rm -it kylemanna/tahoe-lafs tahoe create-introducer
     INTRO=$(cat private/introducer.furl)
  2. Create 10 storage nodes:

     tests/ -i $INTRO

Caveats: Uses internal docker0 bridge to communicate.

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