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Multiple machine learning tools, with a focus on Deep Learning.
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This project is aimed at providing an accessible and reproducible environment for a variety of machine learning toolkits, with a focus on deep learning toolkits. Instead of asking you to follow a set of complex setup instructions, ml-notebook asks you to wait while a tested, pre-built image is installed.

The following tools are available inside the Ubuntu 14.04 image, with Jupyter as an interface:


Machine Learning:

Deep Learning:

*These are requirements of other libraries, but also interesting in their own right.


This is only tested this on OSX. Something similar should work on Linux, and possibly Windows with some changes.

  1. Install Docker. On Mac, use Docker for Mac.
  2. Clone this repository. git clone && cd ml-notebook
  3. (Optional) Run ./ Note: this downloads 2+GB of data and examples. If you just want to look around, browse ml-examples.
  4. Run ./ Note: this downloads another 2+GB of data, a pre-built image from Docker.

Type Ctrl-D to exit the ml-notebook Docker. If you accidentally close the Terminal, the Jupyter notebook will keep running in the background. Whenever you want to run the environment again, just call ./ Calling ./ when ml-notebook is running in the background will restart ml-notebook.


Some of the deep learning toolkits are built based on Dockerfiles from Kaixhin.

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