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This bot automatically shortens long URLs for you in Slack.
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This bot shortens long URLs for you in Slack.

To run you need:

To run all you need to do is:

docker run -d -e BOT_NAME="some_name" -e SLACKBOT_TOKEN=XXXXX -e GOOGLE_API_TOKEN=XXXXX --name url_bot kylesoskin/slack_url_bot

This will start the bot up in the background (to do in foreground, omit the -d flag)
To check the logs for it you can then do:

docker logs url_bot

To change the character limit at which it auto shortens URLs, direct message the bot and say:

Where N is the longest URL you would like to allow (defaults to 100).

To change the message it displays when someone posts a long URL, direct message the bot:

set-auto-response-msg:Some new message
Where "Some new message" is the new message you want it to display (defaults to "Woah thats a long URL, let me shorten that for you.")

Anyone can also just direct message the bot to have it respond with a shortened URL.

Don't forget, you have to add the bot to any channel you would like it to monitor. To do this just issue /invite @bot_name in the channel.

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