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ADB Docker Image
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ADB Docker Image
Docker container for openfire with sparkweb.

If you need a MySQL database you can link container :

$ docker run --name openfire-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=mySQLpasswd -e MYSQL_DATABASE=openfire \
-e MYSQL_USER=openfireuser -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=openfirepasswd -d mysql

Command to Run the Openfire Container:

$ docker run -d -p 9090:9090 -p 7443:7443 -p 7777:7777 -p 7070:7070 \
-p 5000-6000:5000-6000/tcp -p 5000-6000:5000-6000/udp \

Accessing the openfire applications:

Check the Openfire Container Admin Console at:

After Openfire Config is done, and adding some dummy users, you can check out the XMPP Sparkweb Client at:


To access the container from the server that the container is running :

$ docker exec -it container_id /bin/bash
note: -p 5000-6000:5000-6000/tcp -p 5000-6000:5000-6000/udp this only needed if you going to used plugins for Openfire Meetings.

Openfire Community:
About openfire:

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