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This image is built upon cassandra 3.9

To start a cassandra node that sends imx-metrics on port 7199 you need to:

Docker run - e LOCAL_JMX=no -e JVM_OPTS=-Djava.rmi.server.hostname=YOUR_LOCAL_IP_HERE imx-cassandra

to connect a monitorer use test as username and 123 as password

to connect to a cluster with host net and mounter volume use:

docker run -d --name $n --net=host -e CASSANDRA_BROADCAST_ADDRESS=$ip -e CASSANDRA_SEEDS=$seed_ip(s) -e CASSANDRA_LISTEN_ADDRESS=$ip -e CASSANDRA_RPC_ADDRESS=$ip -e CASSANDRA_ENDPOINT_SNITCH=GossipingPropertyFileSnitch -e LOCAL_JMX=no -e JVM_OPTS=-Djava.rmi.server.hostname=$ip -v ~/doc-cassandra:/var/lib/cassandra laban/jmx-cassandra:1

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