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Extension of the official scylladb/scylla docker container for production use.
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Scylla's scheduler is currently only aware of one disk, which makes this feature unreliable. You should use LVM and RAID for production.

  • Added the possibility to add multiple disks to scylla via commandline. From now on data are written to /data0, /data1 etc...
To run scylla with one disk mapped:
docker run -d -v /Some/Host/Dir:/data0 -v /Some/Host/Dir:/commitlog laketide/scylla:1.1

Observe that you can no longer map to /var/lib/scylla inside the container but must give it these specific locations

To run scylla with 2 disks mapped:
docker run -d -v /Some/Host/Dir:/data0 -v /Some/Host/Dir:/commitlog \  
- v /Some/Host/Dir:/data1 laketide/scylla:1.1 --dataDirectories 2

Observe that you need to add an extra argument matching the number of data folders. This new argument is compatible with all other arguments as well.


  • Added the possibility to
    • Change snitch
    • Change rack id
    • Change data center
    • Change cluster name
    • Set prefer_local

The five new possibilities can be expressed as cmd commands when doing docker run as:

docker run -d -p 9042:9042 -p 9160:9160 -p 9180:9180 -p 9100:9100 -p 7000:7000 laketide/scylla:1.0 \
--clusterName Anananas \
--endpointSnitch GossipingPropertyFileSnitch \
--dataCenter LakeTide \
--rackID prack1 \
--preferLocal false

They are fully compatible with current commands such as --broadcast-address etc. It has been tested for the GossipingPropertyFileSnitch. If more functionalites are needed, send an email to

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