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The akka 2.4.4 Microkernal
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This is the complete packaged needed to run an akka Bootable class. The Akka Microkernel is deprecated and the migration notes ( say it will be removed.

To run the microkernel you need to place your jar in the deploy folder and override the application.conf file.

docker run -t -i --rm -p 2552:2555 -v [path to akka jar file]:/srv/akka/akka-2.4.4/deploy/deployed.jar -v [path to file]/application.conf:/srv/akka/akka-2.4.4/config/application.conf lancewf/akka-microkernel:2.4.4 /srv/akka/akka-2.4.4/bin/akka [full path of bootable class]

application.conf. The external IP address should match the IP where the docker is being ran from.

DataRetriever {
   akka {
        remote {
            netty {
                tcp {
                  hostname = [external IP address]
                  port = 2552

                  bind-hostname = "" #overridden in code
                  bind-port = 2555

When creating the ActorSystem in the code do the below:

val actorSystem = ActorSystem("DockerActorSystem",

Link to the Microkernel


FROM java:8

RUN apt-get -y update && apt-get install -y openssh-server
RUN apt-get install -y vim
RUN mkdir -p /srv/akka/
RUN wget -O /srv/akka/ ""
RUN unzip /srv/akka/ -d /srv/akka
RUN chmod 777 /srv/akka/akka-2.4.4/bin/akka
RUN mkdir /srv/akka/akka-2.4.4/logs/
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