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Web based UI for Kafka Connect.
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Kafka Connect UI

This is a small docker image for Landoop's kafka-connect-ui.
It serves the kafka-connect-ui from port 8000.
A live version can be found at

The software is stateless and the only necessary option is your Kafka Connect

docker run --rm -it -p 8000:8000 \
           -e "CONNECT_URL=http://connect.distributed.url" \

Visit http://localhost:8000 to see the UI.

The CONNECT_URL can be a comma separated array of Connect worker
endpoints. E.g: "CONNECT_URL=http://connect.1.url,http://connect.2.url"

Additionally you can assign custom names to your Connect clusters by appending
a semicolon and the cluster name after the endpoint URL. E.g:
"CONNECT_URL=http://connect.1.url;dev cluster,http://connect.2.url;production cluster".

Important: For the CONNECT_URL you have to use an IP address or a domain
that can be resolved to it. You can't use localhost even if you serve
Connect's REST port from your localhost. The reason for this is that a docker
container has its own network, so your localhost is different from the
container's localhost. As an example, if you are in your home network and
have an IP address of and run Connect from your computer,
instead of http://127.0.1:8083 you must use

Please note that because Connect does not send CORS headers, we have to proxy
it. What this means for you, is that Connect, while running the container, is
accessible via http://your.address:8000/api/kafka-connect. If this is a
security issue for you, you should protect your machine via a firewall, or maybe
do not expose the port and use the container's IP address to access the UI.

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