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docker containerized api-axle w nodejs, redis

api-axle is available at

This image is an all in one redis, nodejs, apiaxle image, all run by supervisord.

This images should be available at the public docker index as lapax/apiaxle.

run as daemon

docker run -d --name apigateway lapax/apiaxle

Instead of looking for alternatives, my dev containers just used sshd to provide shell access.
ssh to a container was always a hack-job I thought, others think the same and have documented a more docker idiomatic way (see

This container now assumes you will use nsenter .. either compile your own nsenter or use jpetazzo's docker compiled nsenter (

and use nsenter to enter into the container

# run on docker host
PID=$(docker inspect --format {{.State.Pid}} apigateway)
# use the pid to enter the namespace
sudo nsenter --target $PID --mount --uts --ipc --net --pid

run interactively

docker run -t -i --name apigateway lapax/apiaxle /bin/bash
# once in the shell run

which will start the redis service and the api-proxy service and get you back to the command line.

To quickly test if the supervisord runs the services, you can always run superisord with a -n flag which will run it in foreground mode

Once supervisord and the related services are running, you can detach from the container by issuing a ^p^q which will detach the tty from the container.

You can reattach to the container again with docker attach 'container id or name'


Once logged in and the services are started, you can start playing around with it as documented by the apiaxle folks at

Try the apiaxle command

This image is for development purposes.. For production purposes, the services can be split out and a front-end load-balancer added, all running via linked docker containers..

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