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This is the demo on how to use Global post script jenkins plugin

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 larrycai/jenkins-global-post-script

Login as guest/guest and build the demo job, then claim it with reason "my fault"

Then try to see whether we can get the failure reason in groovy


Below is the script claim.groovy under $JENKINS_HOME/global-post-script, you can post it below to http://localhost:8080/script to run it, last two lines are uncommented.

import jenkins.*
import jenkins.model.*
import hudson.*
import hudson.model.*

job = hudson.model.Hudson.instance.getItem("demo")
build = job.getLastBuild()
println build

def data = [:]
def env = build.getEnvironment()

data["jobTimestamp"] = build.getTimeInMillis()

data["result"] = build.getResult().toString()
data["number"] = build.getNumber()
data["jobName"] = env['JOB_NAME']
data["builtOn"] = env['NODE_NAME']
data["url"] = build.getAbsoluteUrl()

//Convert duration from milisec to minutes
data["duration"] = build.getDuration() 

// get test result for Junit/TestNG 
def testResultAction = build.getTestResultAction() 
if (testResultAction != null) {
    data["totalCount"] = testResultAction.getTotalCount()
    data["failCount"] = testResultAction.getFailCount()
    data["skipCount"] = testResultAction.getSkipCount()
} else {
    println "INFO: No junit/testng test result"

println "INFO: here comes the data"
println data    
// doesn't work below, but it works under jenkins console
def action = build.getAction(hudson.plugins.claim.ClaimBuildAction.class)
print action.getReason()


If you want to develop or test the global post script, better to share inside

$ cd JENKINS_HOME/global-post-script
$ docker run -it -v $PWD:/opt/jenkins/data/global-post-script -p 8000:8080 larrycai/jenkins-global-post-script
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