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Docker Container for Logitech Media Server

This is a Docker image for running the Logitech Media Server package
(aka SqueezeboxServer).

Run Directly:

docker run -d \
           -p 9000:9000 \
           -p 3483:3483 \
           -p 3483:3483/udp \
           -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
           -v <local-state-dir>:/srv/squeezebox \
           -v <audio-dir>:/srv/music \
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Comments (6)
9 months ago

Old versions of LMS.

9 months ago

I am using it in docker on libreelec

When LMS starts, it sort of hijacks the IP address that Kodi shows in the settings widget and instead displays '' Any way to fix this?

Also, the LMS server name as seen from the clients is like a mac address "142081729b2f" Any way to change this to some logical name like 'Server'?

a year ago

Works a charm for me, although I note that the run command in the description incorrectly specifies the image as larsks/logitech/media-server when it is in fact larsks/logitech-media-server.

a year ago

doesn't work for me either :-(

2 years ago

Worked flawlessly until a few days ago. Now I get "/ 11: exec: squeezeboxserver: not found" in the logs?

2 years ago

Saved me a lot of time to reconfigure Squeezebox after an upgrade from OpenSuse 12.1 to Fedora 21. The last Logitech images work not very well with the perl / CPAN version of newer Linux distros.

The only small issue right now is the SE-Linux permission for the <local-state-dir>. Right now the container runs fine using "setenforce 0" - but I am in the process of finding the correct SE environment. Nothing specific to docker and this container, SE Linux can even break any local applications installed via yum.