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OpenStack API Client

This image contains various OpenStack command line client tools. It
is meant to interact with my OpenStack service images:

You will generally want to use Docker's --link option to link this
container to the other services containers. A typical run would look

docker run --rm \
  --link keystone:keystone \
  --link glance:glance \
  --link nova:nova \
  --volumes-from nova \
  --volumes-from keystone \
  --volumes-from glance \
  --volumes-from rabbitmq \
  -it \

The --volumes-from argument are not necessary, but they make it
possible to access logs and databases from within the client.

Convenient scripts

The start-openstack-cluster script, in this repository, will start
all the service containers.

The start-openstack-client script will run the client as described

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