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API for loading data to CaMicroscope
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Contains the backend data management infrastructure for caMicroscope. Encapsulates:

  • MongoDB
  • Bindaas
  • DataLoader API

Running container

make sure you're logged in using docker login with your dockerhub credentials and have access to this private repository

  • docker pull lastlegion/dataloader
  • docker run -itd -p <API_PORT>:3000 -p <BINDAAS_PORT>:9099 -v <IMAGE_DIRECTORY>:/data/images lastlegion/dataloader

<API_PORT> and <BINDAAS_PORT> are arbitrary port numbers on the host machine
<IMAGE_DIRECTORY> is the directory that'll store all the images on the host machine

Dataloader API

Following examples assume <API_PORT>==32799

POST /submitData

curl -v -F case_id=TCGA-02-0001 -F upload=@TCGA-02-0001-01Z-00-DX1.83fce43e-42ac-4dcd-b156-2908e75f2e47.svs http://localhost:32799/submitData
Return type: json
On success returns: {"status":"success"}

GET /subjectIdExists

curl localhost:32799/subjectIdExists?SubjectUID=TCGA-02-0001
Returns an array with subjectID and file path.
Empty array if subject Id doesnt exist

GET /getMD5ForImage

curl localhost:32799/getMD5ForImage?imageFileName=TCGA-02-0001-01Z-00-DX1.83fce43e-42ac-4dcd-b156-2908e75f2e47.svs
Returns an array with MD5 of the image

Docker Pull Command