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Image transformation server written in rust using opencv library for filecessor project
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Filecessor image Transformation

The part of Filercessor system, is the docker image (container) used to perform
on-fly chains transformations on images

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Resize and rotate Make Avatar


  • To perform transformation on photo make request /transform/{filter}/{filename_or_url}
  • Filter can be list of transformation divided by + sign like that {filter1}+{filter2}+....
  • List is ordered (filters will be apply in such order it received).

Available Filters:

  • Rotate (rotate_{angle}).
    • Rotation angles is 90, 180, or 270 degrees
  • Resize (resize_{width}x{height})
    • Width and height can be size in pixels or one of them (not both) can be - sign for relative resize by one dimension (relative resize for width 500px will be resize_500x-)
  • Crop by coordinates (crop_coordinates_{x1}x{y1}_{x2}x{y2})
    • x1, y1 - top left point coordinates, x2, y2 - bootom right point coordinates
  • Crop by width and height (crop_{width}x{height})
    • note: image cropped by width and height with central image alignment

Supported formats

  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • png
  • tif
  • tiff

Geting start your own instance with Docker


we have an image photo.jpg with below transformation chain:

  • crop by 2 points (10x20) and (1350, 1360)
  • relatively resize by height 300px
  • rotate to 180 degrees

Transform Photo from by Url:



Filecessor is an open source project. If you find bugs or have proposal please create issue or Pull Request


All what you can find at this repo shared under the MIT License

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