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A simple port of on docker, for an easy installation.
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Step-by-step install instruction :

1) get the docker image

docker pull lbarman/cothority

2) start the image with this fancy command

docker run -d --net="host" --name="lbarman-cothority-container" --restart="unless-stopped" lbarman/cothority /

Explanation : runs in background (-d), shares the machine's network start (--net="host"), gives a meaningful name to the container, and will restart the container whenever possible.

3) The container has now created a set of public/private keys, you need to give the public key to dedis (at this point, new cothority-nodes are added manually). To do that, just post the key on!forum/cothority

To get the public key your container just created :

docker exec lbarman-cothority-container cat /opt/cothority/

Other useful command :
Debug nohup STDOUT/STDERR :
docker exec lbarman-cothority-container cat /control.log

Debug cothority STDOUT/STDERR :
docker exec lbarman-cothority-container cat /cothority.log

Change server port (default : 5000) :
docker exec lbarman-cothority-container nano /
then stop the docker container, create a new image (to save changes), and restart it

All credits due to the awesome cothority team (

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