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taxmap is a project to geographically visualize the cost of various government programs.

A running instance is hosted at

##Running the application

taxmap uses MongoDB for persistnce. By default it tries to connect to a mongo instance at localhost:27017. To use a different host:port, update settings.cfg.

To run taxmap locally...

$ python

You can then access the WebUI at http://localhost:5000.

To populate the DB with data, run the following shell script.

$ ./


This project can be deployed as a Docker container. The taxmap image does not include MongoDB by default, it must be linked to another container with MongoDB. When linking to another container there's no need to update settings.cfg.

To build a taxmap image...

$ docker build -t="taxmap" .

To start a taxmap container (and the official MongoDB container)...

$ docker run -d -P --name mongo mongo
$ docker run -d -P --name taxmap --link mongo:db taxmap

If deploying as a Docker container, you'll still need to populate the DB with data by updating settings.cfg to point at the mongo DB container and running

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