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Use Iron Worker to update the Ubike API Server server.


Iron worker credential

After cloning this project, download iron.json from Iron Worker and place it in this directory.

Ubike API credential

Please copy the config/config_env.json.example

cp config/config_env.json.example config/config_env.json

Then, fill the ACCOUNT and PASSWORD in the config_env.json. ( These two fields should be the same as what you filled in the Ubike API Server project)

Test worker in local

docker run -e "PAYLOAD_FILE"="./config/config_env.json" --rm -it -v "$PWD":/worker -w /worker lch82327/ruby-http:0.0.7

Use Iron Worker

Package your code

zip -r .

Upload your code

iron worker upload --zip --name update_ubike_stations lch82327/ruby-http:0.0.7 ruby update_ubike_stations.rb

Queue tasks for your worker ( run it once )

iron worker queue --payload-file ./config/config_env.json --wait update_ubike_stations

If you want to schedule your worker, you have to go on the website for further settings.


If you want to customize the docker, you can modify the Dockerfile.

Build Docker

docker build --rm --force-rm -t {username}/{image_name}:{tag} .

Push Docker

docker push {username}/{image_name}:{tag}
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