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Container for the Super Entity Game Server
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Welcome to the Segstainer (a container for SEGS)!



Getting Started

The following command will start SEGS authserver interactively so that the console output is visible. The necessary network ports are also permitted. Lastly, various volumes become accessible on the host which enable you to configure SEGS and populate the required data.

docker run -h segstainer -it -p 2106:2106 -p 7002:7002/udp -p 7003:7003/udp -p 7004:7004/udp -v segs_conf:/segs/conf -v segs_data:/segs/data -v segs_db:/segs/default_dbs -v segs_scripts:/segs/scripts ldilley/segstainer:v0.5.0 /segs/authserver -f conf/settings.cfg

The volumes can be accessed typically under /var/lib/docker/volumes. Be sure to configure /var/lib/docker/volumes/segs_conf/_data/settings.cfg appropriately. This file corresponds to the -f conf/settings.cfg argument provided in the run command above.

Extracted pigg contents should be copied to /var/lib/docker/volumes/segs_data/_data.

The default administrative account (level 9) is segs with a password of segs.

If you want to poke around the container's filesystem, simply perform the following command:

docker run -h segstainer -it ldilley/segstainer:v0.5.0 /bin/bash


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