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FIWARE Orion Context Broker
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Try Orion Context Broker in your own computer easily and hassle free!

Orion Context Broker is part of FIWARE.

See the Dockerfile here.


You need to have a running instance of MongoDB. Versions from 2.4 to 3.0 are known to work.


In its simplest form, just do:

sudo docker run -t -i --name orion -p 1026:1026 leandroguillen/fiware-orion -fg

NOTE: The -fg is a parameter that is passed to Orion. In fact, everything after leandroguillen/fiware-orion is a parameter for Orion. Take a look at all available parameters.

Now Orion runs on a console. Press Control+C to turn Orion off. Now if you want to run it again you may do

sudo docker restart orion

This will launch it in daemon mode. To stop it do

sudo docker stop orion

Using a dockerized MongoDB instance

This is a useful way to run it if you want to look at the output of Orion, or specify a mongodb host.

sudo docker run -t -i --name orion -p 1026:1026 leandroguillen/fiware-orion -fg -t 0-255 -dbhost <mongo_host>

Where <mongo_host> is the IP of the runing mongo. You can ommit it if mongo is running in localhost. Run your mongo also dockerized for extra bonus points :) For example:

sudo docker run --name mongo24 -d mongo:2.4

Use sudo docker inspect mongo24 | grep IPAddress to get the IP of the mongodb server.

With docker-compose (an even easier way)

For this to work you have to install docker-compose.
Create a file named docker-compose.yml somewhere with the following content:

  image: leandroguillen/fiware-orion
    - mongo
    - "1026:1026"
  command: -fg -t 0-255 -dbhost mongo

  image: mongo:latest

Then type in your terminal:

docker-compose up

Now you have two dockers running, one for Orion and one for MongoDB, that are connected to each other.


To see that everything went ok do

curl localhost:1026/version
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