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Docker Machine in docker
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Docker Machine in docker


docker run \
    -e COMMAND=create \
    -e DRIVER=digitalocean \
    -e VMNAME=myvm \
    -e DIGITALOCEAN_ACCESS_TOKEN=your_token_here \

This command will create "myvm" virtual machine on digitalocean.

To pass additional parameters to docker-machine command just pass an appropriate environment variable,
e.g. if you want pass --digitalocean-access-token you can do it via -e DIGITALOCEAN_ACCESS_TOKEN=your_token_here.

Environment variables

COMMAND - for passing actual docker-machine command to execute, there are just few of them supported for now

VMNAME - the name of virtual machine to act on, e.g. create the machine with this name

DRIVER - the name of the provider to act on, e.g. "digitalocean"

If you need to specify additional command flags please refer to appropriate docker-machine documentation section, most of cli flags are duplicated by environment variables, so you can pass any values you need.

Supported commands

Commands are named by their docker-machine names:

create - for executing docker-machine create

env - for executing docker-machine env

rm for executing docker-machine rm

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