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A testing version of homestead in docker.
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Laravel homestead-docker

Create a homestead docker container for your development env. ( files taken from laravel settler: (modified) + )

Install docker && docker compose

please refer to these tutorials:

Build the homestead image

git clone
cd homestead-docker
docker build -t shincoder/homestead .

Launch your containers

There are only two containers to run. web container ( includes everything except your database ), and mariadb container.

sudo docker-compose up -d

this will build the image, and start it.

SSH into the container (password: secret):

ssh -p 2222 homestead@localhost

Add a virtual host

Assuming you mapped your apps folder to /apps (you can change mappings in the docker-compose.yml file, it's prefered to use absolute paths), you can do:

cd / && ./ /apps/myapp/public

In the host, update /etc/hosts to include your app domain:     

Everything should work - enjoy !!!

Our web container starts nginx, php5-fpm, redis, beanstalk. and has gruntjs, gulp, bower.
some relevant ports have been added to docker-compose.yml ( livereload standard port, karma server port ), change them if you need to.


  • Use docker's local IP address to connect to your database, it's usually, ifconfig in your terminal to make sure you got the correct IP address.
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