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Docker container that attaches an EBS volume to the local ec2 instance. Detaches volume on exit.


docker run -it --rm leg100/ebs-attach \
--volumeid vol-123123 \
--device /dev/xvdf \
--region eu-west-1

Note: it relies on the ec2 instance possessing an IAM profile with the following privileges:

  • ec2:AttachVolume
  • ec2:DetachVolume
  • ec2:DescribeVolumes
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2 years ago

@leg100 I have the following IAM policy in place.

"Version": "2012-10-17",
"Statement": [
"Effect": "Allow",
"Action": "",
"Resource": "

2 years ago

@cpdiehl Does your VM have an IAM role associated with it? You'll need one with the ec2:AttachVolume and ec2:DetachVolume permissions.

2 years ago

When "Couldn't find auth credentials handler, trying again" is happening, what is the most likely cause of that exception? It's not clear to me. I've got a VM running in AWS that I've spun up with Docker Machine and I'd like to run this container to mount an EBS volume on the VM. I tried executing this 'docker run' command on the VM itself to no avail.